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Services to Individuals / Self-employed / Family Office

When it comes to your finances, you deserve the best possible partner to help you navigate a path toward success. At SAPIENT CPA, we provide trusted advice and personalized solutions to help you achieve your financial goals and peace of mind. We understand financial or tax planning is not just a plan, is a lifelong journey of financial fitness with committment, dicipline, and learning. Our dedicated team has the expert knowledge to provide you across all generations up-to-date tax and regulatory information. We return value to individual clients with insightful tax planning and preparation as well as forward-thinking wealth management strategies and family care services.


All of our individual clients share two common financial goals. The first goal is to minimize current year tax liability while staying in compliance with federal, state and local regulations, and the second goal is to develop and implement a financial plan that helps ensure stability for themselves and their families into the future.


SAPIENT CPA is uniquely positioned to help you achieve both of these critical goals. We bring a robust and powerful skillset to bear as we guide you through critical financial decisions and an ever-changing tax and financial market landscape.


Our services include:


  • Tax preparation and planning

  • Year-round tax planning

  • Quarterly updates on important tax issues

  • Finanical Planning

  • Insurance planning and selection

  • Education funding solutions

  • Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • IT consulting

  • Family office services (bill pay, bank reconciliation or bookkeeping)

  • Tax and Accounting Professional Reviews




Two Ways to Deduct Home Office Expenses:


  1. Simplified home office deduction - Take $5/sq. ft. up to 300 feet or $1,500 and you are done. You may not be able to deduct as much compared with the regular method.

  2. Actual costs filing on Form 8829 - To use this method, you figure the proportion of your home’s overall space devoted to your office and use that to calculate how much of your overall home expenses went toward your home office.

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