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Asian Taxpayers Services

At Sapient CPA, we support our Asian clients through a deep understanding of Asian culture and the traditional way of thinking in protecting their wealth.


Our goal is to help Asian families implement effective investment and tax strategies to maxmize their long-term, after-tax wealth potential whether they remain in United States, move abroad, or in between. Asian families or business owners include Asian Americans living abroad, U.S. residents of foregin origin, and non-U.S. residents who are investing within the United States. Such families have a mixed of citzenships and/or immigration statuses and typically hold a range of financial assets and business interests that are subject to taxation in more than one national jurisdiction.

Our approach is to focus on delivering a personalized and high quality service, and solutions designed to meet our client's needs.

Our Services:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Payroll & Compliance

  • Accounting Software Selection & Implementation

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

  • Financial Reporting & Projections

  • Business Consultation

  • Business Licenses & Permits

  • Business Entity Selection

  • Financail & Tax Planning

  • Investment & Retirement Planning

  • Real Estae Investment Planning

  • Taxation and reporting requirements for foreign companies and individuals investing in U.S. companies

  • Tax implications and reporting requirements for U.S. companies and individuals investing overseas

  • Foreign tax credits

  • Tax treaties

  • Foreign bank account compliance

  • Nonresident tax returns (Form 1040NR) preparation and filing


(註冊會計師/個人理財專家, 全球特許管理會計師, 華爾街資深會計師)


智宇會計師事務所(SAPIENT CPA)是一家會計與商業服務公司,為個人、初創和成熟企業提供會計與稅務外包服務,以及一套企業管理諮詢服務,包括初創公司的營運、新公司的創辦和財務運作規劃等。作為一個值得信賴的顧問,我們向我們的客戶在其他許多領域提供諮詢服務 ,包括商業諮詢,企業結構和項目融資支持; 退休,養老金和財政規劃; 遺產和信託基金管理,及投資諮詢服務。 在這裡,我們承諾我們的客戶最及時優秀的服務,專業有價值的建議和親切的以客戶為本的支持。我們的宗旨是與客戶建立密切,互利的長期合作關係。


  • 製作財政年度所得稅報稅單及商業年末財務報表申請

  • 製作週期商業財務報表與分析

  • 稅務計劃分析及諮詢

  • 諮詢及分析生意購買與轉讓

  • 生意結構與結構重整諮詢

  • 提供各方面與商業有關的意見及指導

  • 在會計(記賬)及資訊上的需求分析及財務管理諮詢

  • 週期性商業活動報表

  • 協助成立公司及信託及與其有關的商業及稅務註冊

  • 雲端會計簿記, 薪資出糧

  • 電腦報稅, 公司, 個人, 家庭稅務,及各類銷售, 營業及薪資報稅, 稅務查帳

  • 財務規劃,  遺產與贈送的合法省稅

  • 海外資產申報及稅收協定

  • 非美國居民納稅申報

  • 房地產投資買賣稅務計劃分析及諮詢

  • 設立提供自我管理退休金會計,稅務及部份行政管理服務

  • 自我管理退休金策略性諮詢


歡迎電話/郵件聯繫我們. 我們提供免費稅務諮詢.

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