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Business Owners & Startups

Your Success is Our Goal.

Marketplace Facts (courtesy of SBA)


  • Small businesses represent 99.7% of all employer firms in the US

  • 500,000 small businesses open their doors each year

  • 6 million small businesses employ people in the US

  • Only 50% of SMBs last longer than five years & 33% survive 10 years or more


Why New Small Businesses Fail?


  1. Poor planning and execution

  2. No understanding of financing, inadequate borrowing

  3. Insufficient capital and lack of cash cushion

  4. Poor accounting

  5. No experience in record-keeping

  6. Personal use of business funds

  7. Rapid growth and over-expansion

  8. Not in compliance with tax regulations

  9. Operational inefficiencies - high overhead

  10. Poor inventory management

What Makes Small Businesses Successful?


  1. Decision making with insight and clear vision

  2. Control cash flow and funding resources

  3. Budgeting, monitor expenses & vendors

  4. Comply with government regulations, pay your bills and taxes on time

  5. Manages sales and customers

  6. Establish & maintain adequate internal control procedures, keep detailed records

  7. Protect yourself by reducing exposure to liability for business debts

  8. Keep business small and lean, stay with your core employees

  9. Develop and Implement key performance indicators

  10. Outsource things you cannot do

How We can Help You Grow Your Business?

  • One-Stop Shop Service Delivery - Sapient CPA offers integrated accounting, tax and back office services and support, a single access point to information, resources and technology at reduced cost, keeping small business owners at the core of every decision from strategy formulation and design through execution, and helping startups to accelerate the process of building and developing their own businesses efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Outsourced Accounting - Our dedicated Client Accounting Services team takes better care of your financial management and help you stay productive and focus on core competencies and allow you to make sound decisions by providing accurate and relevant information and insight.

  • KPI Dashboard - We create and monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for example sales revenue, marketing returns, financial metrics, cash flow, employee headcount, inventory levels etc., to spot trends knowing how your business is trending and where exactly it's headed to, and to get actionable and in-depth insights with a quick analysis from across varied business data .

  • Cloud-based Technolog - Sapient CPA leads business owners adopt and leverage techhnology solutions to take advantage of the latest tools and resources available to run your company from anywhere, with real-time access to the information you need to make decisions.

  • Trusted Business Advisor - We understand and listen to clients' needs and help them monitor critical activities and strategically manage business activities, help them plan and implement the best solutions for their business and help them evaluate their entire business ecosystem.

Oue Approach:

Our Services Include:

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