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Getting Started

PLANNING FOR THE ROAD AHEAD - When you think about the road ahead for your family or your business, it’s important to keep in mind what financial planning is truly about. A good financial plan focuses on your individual needs and goals – and builds on those central considerations to shape decisions on everything from retirement funding and education savings to asset protection and growing your estate and investments, all while considering the tax implications therein.

  • Focus on your specific needs and goals

  • Use those to shape decisions on your investment, retirement, education, taxes, insurance and estate planning



  • A customized, unbiased proposal based on your unique needs, resources and goals

  • Practical strategies to navigate the complexities of your financial life, building on strengths and addressing weaknesses

  • Flexibility to handle the good, bad and unexpected in personal and professional lives

  • Help monitoring and revising to meet your goals as well as your lifestyle



  • Integrate tax consideration within the entire financial plan

  • Consider how decisions affect other areas of the plan

  • Identify and address areas of risk in the plan

  • Apply all of the objectivity, integrity and diligence you expect from us

Sapient CPA brings a comprehensive approach to a client’s financial situation. We’re in a unique position to advise and help our clients understand the tax considerations within their entire financial plan. We’ll identify and address areas of risk in your plan from an unbiased point of view.

WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS - A clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be

  • Income tax planning and preparation

  • Estate panning

  • Retirement planning

  • Investment Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Strategic business planning and consulting

  • Risk Management planning

Sapient CPA is an independent,  Retainer Fee-Only financial planning firm. We specialize in providing hourly, as-needed comprehensive financial planning and advice to individuals, families and cross-border, regardless of their net worth, income or investable assets. As Fee-Only advisors, we work solely for our clients. No sales commissions and referral fees are received and all potential conflicts of interest are eliminated.

Things We Do For You

  • We help you track and streamline your financial affairs.

  • We help you create an organized and diversified portfolio.

  • We help you get into the habit of saving and investing the appropriate of your income.

  • We help you identify what is important in your lives, and help you prioritize your goals.

  • We help you turn seemingly impossible goals into a routine that can significantly increase the odds that you will achieve them.

  • We help you plan for an exciting, meaningful next stage of your life.

  • We become your ally and advocate to help you get the best money values and help you sift through the many financial offers you will receive to determine which are helpful and which are harmful to your financial well-being.

  • When appropriate, we collaborate with other professionals you are working with when important financial decisions need to be made.

The Financial Planning Process

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